Yuja Wang, the pianist of the 21st Century.

Puebla, Pue.   September 28, 2018.

Yuja Wang is one of the most brilliant young pianists around the world. Born to a family of musicians, she began to practice the piano by the age of 6. She remembers herself unexpectedly thrilled by the profoundly beautiful sounds of a piece by Tchaikovsky. Then she decided to enter the world of music and piano and promissed herself to understand the message of the great masters. Her technique is pure and unique because as a result of practice, phsysical conditions and a passionate surrender to the force of musical interpretation she has developed a mechanism that makes it possible an impressive mixture of intuition and perfect executions.

Variations on the Turkish March/medici.tv [1]

The mechanism of acoustic music is by definition a hybrid mechanism, part machine and part human. Everyone who loves to make music creates a special relation between the machine and her or his body. This relation is as profound as is the commitment to a creative interpretation of musical pieces wether new or ancient. Every human being has the possibility to create a mechanism under the sole condition of a truly interest for musical creation. What makes Yuja Wang so special as a pianist is her commitment to bring beautiful master pieces to life again with a renewal attitude making us feel a fresh breeze while meeting again with our favorite authors.

Yuja Wang and Gustavo Dudamel/euronews [2]

A promising future is waiting for Miss Wang and the possibilities are just endless. Her hands are perfect, big enough to control the keyboard with full confidence and with an aesthetics that competes with the beauty of the sound they create. Yuja Wang has become a strong reference for those interested on the formation of a solid technique free of the perils of injuries [3], which have put aside many artists along the world. We expect for what is next in her career and it’s great news that Latin America is within her plans [4].

Interview with BBC News [5]

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